Bringing the professional office to the home worker

Recent life for many of us has been juggling the demands of home working with the challenges of home schooling.  Being in this situation might have been as a quick response to COVID-19, but over the past few months, many have started to discover the benefits of home working.   As we start to emerge from the global pandemic, Companies are facing a growing challenge in moving their business model to support more flexible ways of working.

The Challenges

Despite the rapid migration to home working, people have found ways of working effectively in this new environment whilst remaining secure and motivated.  And post COVID-19, many will question the logic of returning to an office location when they have been productive whilst based from home and enjoyed the flexibility that allows more family time.   Companies will be considering the cost savings, improvement in productivity and the ability to attract a wider resource pool if they continue to develop their home working policy.

Whilst there are definite benefits for both employer and employee, permanent home working brings with it a host of challenges that companies need to understand and address to get the maximum benefit.   Considering that many were pushed to work from home quickly, do they have a suitable home working set-up, including the relevant technologies, licenses and connectivity?  Are they working from their sofa, or do they have an HSE recommended desk & chair?  Have they ever worked remotely, and do they know how to effectively collaborate with their teams?

A true home working environment is not just having the right technology.  Its building the right environment for effective working, providing the right tools for them to do their job, and training them on how to work or manage remotely.  Being mindful of an employee’s health and wellbeing, whilst providing them with all the equipment and technology required is of paramount concern for today’s employers.

Introducing the Connected Worker

During the early days of the pandemic, we actively migrating our own staff to a full home working solution.  This highlighted to us the importance of doing it correctly and as seamlessly as possible.  The result was the Connected Worker solution – a complete managed offering to support a corporate home-based worker strategy including migration from temporary home worker to permanent home worker, with ongoing technology management and field engineering support.

The pro-active migration of end customer staff into a professional home working environment, can include the supply, configuration, and installation of the furniture, technology, and connectivity required to meet the specifications of their employer.  Our installation teams will perform the install of the furniture and technology with the minimal disruption to the end customers day.

Once installed, we will support the end customer with technical issues via our email or telephone directly into our Service Centre.  Should we be unable to resolve the issue, our replacement service will provide a device replacement within a contracted time to ensure the end customer is operational as quickly as possible.

Allvotec Connected Worker takes the pressure off companies by enabling them to focus on their core business, whilst we manage their employee migration.  The result is a remote workforce operating in a better environment with the right equipment to be effective and this allows the company to reach their new business normal as quickly as possible.

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