Allvotec’s Switch Services

Downtime? Not on our watch
Our customers, just like us suffer from time-famine – attempting to multi-task millions of different things all with seemingly impossible deadlines.

When devices fail at a pivotal moment it can seem like the end of the world but with Allvotec’s new Switch Services, together we can mitigate this risk, stress and device dependency.

This service provides a simple, fast and efficient process for swapping out faulty hardware products on-site. Telephone support is available for troubleshooting assistance if a device issue is related to installation or software problems. If a customer’s machine is faulty, we deliver a new unit to their office within the contracted time period with the capability to provide installation if required.

And it’s not just laptops and tablets that are supported – we can also help with printers, thin clients, scanners, ePOS devices and some accessories, including monitors and keyboards.

Downtime is now a thing of the past with Allvotec Switch Services.

How does Switch services work?
If a device is faulty, and the service request is made before 4 pm GMT. We despatch one of our experts with the required item to arrive the next (business) day or before 5 pm on the same day, depending on the service option selected. The faulty device is returned to an Allvotec return centre, where it will be repaired and returned to our buffer stock.

Service options
We offer a range of different service options, from a basic offering that sees an Allvotec engineer deliver the new device to a customer site, collect the faulty machine and return it to one of our centres. We layer additional services all the way up to the Advanced Plus offering where the engineer stays on-site for up to 60 minutes to configure, install and test the new device.

Service hours
The Switch service operates Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 (excluding public holidays). Options to extend to out of standard business hours are available.

Want more information?
Download the full service description here, or for an initial discussion please contact