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Always-on connectivity – a must-have for your business

In today’s technology-driven, digitally-enabled world, networks are the glue that binds us together. From checking emails and social media, to paying bills and running reports, to booking holidays and ordering shopping, we are dependent on reliable and secure network infrastructure in our personal and professional lives.

With information ever more valuable and technology constantly evolving, businesses are leaning on the Enterprise Network to give them the performance and speed they need to stay competitive.
Online commerce, enterprise mobility, cloud solutions, unified communications… data must be delivered in less time and larger quantities to more people than ever before.

The good news is that there is no shortage of networking options available to forward- thinking organisations looking to enhance their capabilities. But it can be difficult to know which solution is right for your needs, without specialist advice and support.

From straightforward business broadband, to managed services and super-fast fibre connectivity, almost all business premises can now receive the full range of speeds, reliability and security for a price that suits them. Whatever you choose, it’s critical you stay in control of your information. As devices, locations and individuals become increasingly connected and exchange more data every second, you must keep activity secure so your customers and employees are always confident their sensitive information is in safe hands – while complying with regulatory requirements.

Enjoy comprehensive support across your network

In creating this foundation, Allvotec plans, designs, implements and operates intelligent network technologies that give your mobile users everything they demand, empower your customers and all while ensuring your network stays available 100% of the time.

Working in direct partnership with global IT services businesses, we create resilient platforms and services that deliver uncompromising uptime supported by strong network and disaster recovery protection. This stiff backbone is flexible on the inside: offering an open, programmable environment where you and your customers can make updates and customisations to suit your changing business needs, quickly and easily.

As employees work in disparate locations on a variety of different devices, across private and corporate infrastructure, comprehensive risk assessment and vulnerability monitoring keep these activities safe and private, wherever they are being performed. So, you never need to worry – however much data you’re dealing with.

Peace of mind, around the clock

It’s the depth and breadth of knowledge that makes us this way. We know networking, and have extensive experience managing projects and deploying solutions in what has always been a diverse and fast-moving marketplace. This also gives us the insight to bring value to your own business, by recognising and understanding your unique challenges – then tailoring the appropriate solution to overcome them.

Nowhere is this expertise more essential than in network security. Protecting networks, data, customers and reputation from harm is more than important – it’s vital for commercial survival – and even more so with the arrival of GDPR. Cybercrime is constantly advancing and no organisation is immune. At some point, a breach will happen – and when it does, the speed and effectiveness of your response will be critical.

Many employees still don’t know how to recognise and respond to security threats and take the right steps to safeguard their information. That’s why you need a wider strategy in place. Allvotec works in partnership with leading cybersecurity partners to help customers understand, plan and test vulnerabilities. We can help you understand your data – where it resides, how it may be vulnerable, and where best to protect it. We’ve worked with a number of leading organisations to make this a reality:

  • We deployed 7,000 Windows 10 laptops for NHS England, across 40 disparate sites to manage end-of-support for Windows 7 and ensure all employees were properly trained.
  • We installed over 150 ticket machines in 60 railway stations across the Docklands Light Railway, improving reliability and operational performance.
  • We distributed more than 90,000 new mobile phone handsets across 850 sites for the Government’s Department of Work and Pensions, introducing a new technology solution for an entire department.
  • We ensured consistent WiFi availability and performance across 500 Morrisons retail sites, by installing over 7,500 WiFi APIs.

With 30 years’ experience as the UK’s only partner exclusive provider with broad ICT know- how across public and private sectors, Allvotec is an enterprise networking expert. Find out more by calling 0344 863 0000 or email