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Changing the Face of IT Service

We live in a culture of convenience. People today expect instant access to everything, on-demand: and if they don’t get it, they want to know why.

Much of this behaviour has been driven by significant and swift technological advances. It is truly extraordinary how far we have come in such a short space of time. But it has also made people more impatient and fickle. With so many options now available to them, if a business can’t deliver what they want, when they want it, they’ll soon go somewhere else.

This uncompromising approach is driving big changes in customer service for industries across the board. These customers want the same high levels of service, support, personal care and pro-activity on-site, in working hours that they are used to receiving online. The trouble is, providing it costs an awful lot more physically than it does virtually.

Some organisations do deliver it well, with a consistent experience. Apple’s in-store Genius Bars and Team Knowhow support teams cover pretty much every customer query and issue in a timely fashion, which aligns well with its popular online self-help tools and real-time customer chat facilities. But others have a way to go to bridge the gap. Whatever stage they’re at, all businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost by making their employees more efficient without jeopardising performance or customer service. Having support on-demand helps keep their employees operational for longer by resolving issues far quicker than traditional methods.

Smart businesses use Service Bars

‘Service bars’ are a great place to start. Regardless of location or size, they allow an organisation to offer its customers immediate, face-to-face support at a time that works for them, with minimal set- up and running costs.

A Service Bar is a customised walk-in area typically located on an organisation’s premises and staffed by experienced technicians who provide support, help and advice on IT-related issues. Whether hardware, software or operational topics, they give visitors the practical advice and maintenance tips they need to get their devices and apps back to normal in the shortest possible time.

In many ways, Service Bars are the ‘friendly face’ of IT. Technology can work wonders for personal interaction and communication, but in itself it can be very impersonal – with awkward updates and complicated terminology. By contrast, Service Bars provide direct, one-to-one human interaction where issues can be discussed and resolved on a personal level.

Crucially, no visitor is left dissatisfied. Every individual receives the attention they need and professional guidance to resolve their issues – even if third-party assistance is required from specialists such as engineers. Everything is visible and available, all day and works entirely around the customers.

Raising the bar for everyone

Service Bars aren’t just good for customers. They deliver a number of benefits to organisations too. By looking after issues on-site, as they happen, support teams can achieve more in less time, which improves productivity and employee satisfaction. Customers in turn suffer less downtime, so are less frustrated and likely to leave with a positive perception of the organisation instead of a potentially negative one. What’s more, managing everything face to face means there is less chance of the same incident happening again. Advice can also be given for the customer to help themselves in the future to prevent further trouble, by going online to access support resources.

Allvotec can partner you to provide a Service Bar that delights your customers while also being brilliant for your bottom line. We’ve spent the last 30 years working exclusively with the world’s leading services businesses to enhance customer value by delivering and supporting end-to-end technology and communications services and solutions. In fact, we’re the UK’s only partner-exclusive provider with broad ICT know-how in both the public and private sectors.

With an unrivalled engineering team including some 800 specialists, we have the experience, reach and resources to keep your services optimal, wherever and whenever you need them.

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