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End User: A Well-Managed Desktop is a beautiful thing

With today’s employees working on an ever-increasing range of devices, in geographically disparate locations, it’s vital to keep them productive, happy and connected, wherever they go. An intelligent, reliable End User Computing (EUC) strategy gives them access to the digital platforms they need, whether they’re in the office, working remotely or on the move.

EUC as a concept is about bringing the full digital workspace to life across every area of your organisation, to enrich the working lives of everyone involved with it. A good EUC strategy looks at the various technology systems required in everyday working life, and consolidates them to create an operationally efficient, high-performing digital environment – resulting in an exceptional user experience.

It stands to reason then, that any platform supporting EUC should be intuitive, agile, scalable, and manageable. Indeed, such is the speed of technological change, that the EUC landscape looks very different compared to even just a year ago. Rapid innovations in AI, cloud and analytics are enabling new and exciting possibilities to unfold all the time, making this a fascinating area of IT to be involved with.

That said, many business leaders still suffer sleepless nights worrying about how best to manage their EUC environments. There are plenty of cases of compliance violations, security breaches, audit failings and more that have all been caused by a lack of EUC control. What’s more, without proper governance and thinking in place, enterprise EUC initiatives can become complex and costly: with so many endpoint devices, users and locations to manage.

Make the right choice for your business

So, your EUC strategy must clearly map out how users can access the digital platforms they need to be productive both on-premise and remotely, including the full range of tools they need to complete required tasks successfully, on-time, within budget and with minimal disruption.

But with so many devices and technologies on offer, and new ones emerging all the time, it’s really important to invest in the right solutions for your business so you don’t have headaches later.

Allvotec is perfectly placed to help you bring your digital workplace to life. We work in close partnership with global IT services businesses to deliver secure, effective EUC solutions that bring together disparate desktops, applications and databases on one single, intuitive, connected platform.

Once in place, we’ll continue to support your solution throughout its lifespan, with everything from Desktop Services, break/fix maintenance, policies and configurations, hosted virtual services, migrations, upgrades and licensing/compliance requirements.

Benefits across the EUC lifecycle

This lifecycle approach to EUC has a number of benefits for your business. By efficiently managing your IT estate and ensuring your always enjoy an optimal service, you’ll reduce your operating and maintenance costs throughout the life of your related hardware, software and eventual equipment disposal. Along the way, we’ll also provide the critical security patches and updates that will keep your desktop estate ‘healthy’ and safe.

From the moment your product is released to the time it’s no longer supported, you’ll get the best possible ROI while staying protected from cyber security threats. No matter how complex your IT environment is, or how many users, locations and devices you’re managing.

And if you want complete peace of mind, you can opt for Allvotec’s Break-Fix contract to receive unlimited 24/7 access to Allvotec’s Service Desk – a single point of contact for access to expert technical resources and IT specialists around-the-clock. This takes the pressure off your own in-house resources and enables issues to be resolved faster and permanently.

When the time comes to move to a new or evolved desktop operating system, we’ll be there to help you get there properly – by mitigating risk, maximising cost-effectiveness and ensuring every user in your business suffers minimal disruption along the way. We use our deep understanding of the set-up and requirements to advise on the right services to optimise efficiency while driving costs down.

Allvotec – an unrivalled track record

Allvotec has already done exactly this for a number of customers involved with providing critical UK national infrastructure. We deployed 7,000 Windows 10 laptops to for NHS England, providing user training sessions across 40 nationally dispersed sites. The entire IT estate was refreshed to tight timescales before support for Windows 7 ended.

We deployed over 2,000 switches across 1,500 sites nationwide, resulting in a new and fully supported network for the UK’s largest builders’ merchants.

And we deployed and supported over 150 ticket machines throughout 60 railway stations, resulting in increased reliability and consistency to improve internal efficiencies and service delivery to DLR passengers.

With 30 years’ experience as the UK’s only partner exclusive provider with broad ICT know- how across public and private sectors, Allvotec is a true EUC expert with a demonstrable track-record.

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