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Monitoring – Don’t wait for things to go wrong

Computers, the internet and digitalisation are wonderful things. Our lives have transformed in the last 20 years as a result of our ability to go online. We work online, shop online – some people have found their life partner online. Online has become the new norm and there is now a whole generation of people that have never known life without the internet.

Various reports have stated that by 2030, each person will own 15 connected devices – these might be anything from the ubiquitous smartphone in everyone’s back pocket to light bulbs, smart watches, fridges and self-driving cars. In fact, forecasts predict that 500 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2030.

Living an online life has made certain parts of our being easier – but with connectivity comes complexity. As we have become more dependent on technology, our frustration when it goes wrong increases. Imagine the scenario: you’re at your desk when your app crashes or your machine is on ‘go-slow’ mode as you try to book an appointment for a customer or execute a trade. Yet, when you complain to your local IT team, they report back that the network is fine, everything looks to be working as it should.

The impact of the ‘spinning donut’ as you wait for an app to load or the system to respond has a huge impact on your workers’ productivity. How much money is your business losing through poor performance of your IT system disabling workers from doing their jobs? What is the cost of a negative user experience and frustration due to poor system and application performance?

But if you can’t see the problem, you can’t fix it.

Businesses that don’t monitor their networks, servers, websites and apps won’t know there is an issue until it’s reported by an end-user. And this is where it starts to cost your business in time, money and customer dissatisfaction. A reactive response to an end-user problem will take time to validate and then identify where it is before you can fix it; meanwhile your end- user is gaining a poor and possibly permanent perception of your organisation. Can your business afford this to happen?

Cloud-based monitoring systems can take away this headache by offering constant, proactive monitoring and analysis, allowing you to optimise your networks and apps. So what are the benefits of network monitoring?

Stay ahead of IT outages

  • Outages are undeniably disruptive to your business and can be financially very damaging – stay one step ahead of the game with live network performance data that can help you identify problems before they impact the end-user.
  • Time, as they say, is money. If your business goes down, you need to get to the bottom of the issues, quickly and efficiently, allowing your employees to get back to work in no time at all.

Immediate ROI

  • IT teams that don’t have to spend time manually looking into network performance are freed-up to work on business-critical projects. Additionally, you will save money from reduced downtime.

Manage your network’s increasing complexity

  • As your technology needs change with your business growth, a flexible monitoring tool enables you to keep track of your IP assets and ensure continued, smooth performance.

Identify security threats

  • Monitoring your network can help secure your data. You will get an overall picture of what ‘normal’ performance looks like in your organisation, helping to identify anything out of the ordinary that could indicate malicious traffic.

Easy business case for equipment upgrades

Data from network monitoring can help to understand the performance of your network equipment with historic insight reports, making your business case to upgrade much more compelling.

Allvotec can help ensure that you get the very best out of your UC infrastructure with our constant monitoring and analysis solution. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our monitoring service stores data within Microsoft Azure, via a dedicated appliance installed on-site. All UC monitoring alarms and processing take place in the cloud, with alerts pushed directly to Allvotec’s dedicated Service Desk.

We provide customers with access to all monitoring data and encourage a collaborative approach. This is important as the service is constantly evolving and improving, with software updates and enhancements released fortnightly, adding new features and innovative functionality on a regular basis. What this means is that our UC Monitoring will never become a legacy product. As new vulnerabilities are discovered or features requested, the system is updated quickly and automatically, so we are always delivering the latest, greatest, most secure monitoring solution.

If you would like to find out more, or want to discuss your business requirements, why not give complete our contact form.

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