Recognising value with Allvotec Switch Services

Supporting the market need from our partners to deliver faster ways to get their end customers operational, we are now ready to deliver one of our more exclusive services. Introducing Allvotec Switch Services. Which changes the way our partners deliver service and helps them become more commercially competitive while improving their overall SLA’s and delivery performance.

Why Switch Services

  • Provides a simple and fast process for the exchange of faulty hardware products or installing new devices on-site
  • Cost-effective, professional and highly responsive
  • Completed to specification, with high levels of consistency and full tracking of jobs anytime online
  • Allows businesses to concentrate on more core functions while we manage the entire process
  • Could help businesses recognise significant cost reductions
  • Delivered without impacting customer satisfaction levels

Switch on the process and make the difference

We deliver, install and exchange new or replacement devices to business or home worker locations within the contracted time period.  Despatching one of our experts with the required item(s) to arrive the next (business) day or on the same day, depending on the service option selected. Any faulty devices are returned to an Allvotec return centre, where they can be put into the manufacturers repair loop, before returning to the local buffer stock or to a location stated by the customer.

Allvotec Switch Services are well combined with:

  • Large device deployment across multiple sites
  • Project Management Services
  • Repair, configuration, and staging services

Allvotec Switch Services are suitable for all customer environments and covering a wide range of products.

Want to know more?

Check the Techcourier Plus website or contact our sales representatives at for more information on how you should Switch today.