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Service Desk – a competitive advantage

In this rapidly-changing and disruptive business landscape, organisations rely on technology to drive competitive advantage. Business leaders recognise the need for digitisation to help them drive operational efficiencies, improve customer relationships and increase employee productivity, among other benefits.

Moreover, many are now realising the success of such digital transformation projects relies on one critical factor: the user. Research shows that 73 percent of employees who work in organisations that leverage the latest technology solutions report a positive impact to their productivity. These employees were found to be more motivated, have higher job satisfaction, and are more likely to be positive about their work-life balance. Almost three-quarters of millennials say that to which extent an employer embraces technology will influence where they work.

Improving the employee experience

But while the expectation of a fully collaborative, digitised working environment is high among the new generation of employees, it can often be a struggle for businesses to meet these expectations. This is where implementing a managed service desk can be of great value to an organisation. The modern service desk can help ensure faster resolution of all IT incidents and service requests, in a way that doesn’t place any more pressure on often already-stretched IT department.

With the rise of the mobile workforce, and the continued prevalence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and shadow IT causing headaches for the IT department, an outsourced service desk can help tackle any issues with a well-trained and continuously monitored workforce.

Providing the user with a choice of channels by which to communicate is key. Computacenter’s Service Desk of The Future study notes:

“The evolution of the IT service desk is being driven by the emergence of different channels through which users can engage. From self-help portals and chatbots, to mobile apps and tech bars manned by real humans, as well as traditional agent support, the key to providing users with a consumer-like experience is to offer them choice. In the digital workplace, employees want the freedom to choose how they engage with IT support, when and where they need it.”

Cost-efficient option

While a service desk can ensure and enhance employee productivity, it also provides a competitive edge to organisations that do not have the resources to build and maintain a technical help desk.

At outsourced service desk is a much more cost-efficient option than building and staffing one internally – there is no cost of recruitment, training and hardware for new employees. As importantly, your existing IT team can be free to focus driving digital transformation rather than ‘keeping the lights on’ – a recent IDG survey found that maintaining critical infrastructure and IT systems was the most cited expectation for more than half of IT leaders, who then found themselves too stretched to drive competitive differentiation. An outsourced IT service desk enables IT leaders to drive innovation while it handles all employees’ IT support requests quickly and efficiently.

 A fixed-cost managed contract also means that not only can you save money, but it is easier to budget and plan around your annual operating costs.

Allvotec: a competitive differentiator

At Allvotec we recognise that technology is at the heart of any business. The Allvotec Service Desk offers your customers comprehensive technical support, enabling professional assessment and faster resolution of all IT incidents and service requests. Our dedicated, syndicated service desks are designed to enhance the user experience with custom-made solutions that are flexible and scalable.

We tailor your customers’ service desks based on operational, technical and business requirements, enabling the best service desk solution to suit the specialist skills, service levels and coverage required.

Our UK-based service desk is staffed by skilled technicians who can provide incident management, request management, complaint handling, escalation and service level management. Each of our service desk staff are cleared to SC level and trained to establish the most likely cause of any incident quickly, eliminating faults that can be fixed remotely.

The Allvotec Service Desk ensures a high-quality service and the fastest turnaround, dedicated to resolving issues first time and maintain excellent customer satisfaction. We go above and beyond with the creation of customer knowledge articles to help reduce the number of incidents and offer a real-time chat function for speed and ease.

Our Service Desk offers technical support on a wide range of products and devices, including but not limited to:

  • Desktops
  • Thin clients
  • Laptops
  • Android tablets
  • Printers
  • Software OS and applications
  • Smartphones

The Allvotec Service Desk is your single point of contact for access to expert technical resource and IT specialists, reducing pressure on your customer’s in-house teams and improving IT service delivery.

If you would like to see how the Allvotec service desk can benefit your customers’ business, contact your Allvotec sales representative.

Together we can.  Allvotec.