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Structured cabling – we take care of it, so you don’t have to

We live in a world of infrastructure – our roads and buildings are complex networks of planned structures that enable us to go about our daily lives. Voice, data and media also have an infrastructure but most of us never see it – technical innovation allows IT networks to transfer data between computers, servers and the internet, enabling businesses around the world to be productive and workforces to communicate.

Structured cabling systems have replaced the more traditional point-to-point cabling as technological advances have been made, feeding our demand for always-on, data transfer at ever-faster speeds. Structured cabling allows the seamless communication of your phone lines and telecommunications systems; it connects to fibre optic networks to help your organisation meet the increasing daily pressure of multiple devices accessing data across your internal business and beyond. As a platform, a well-installed cabling system is vital to any business that wants to thrive.

Not every business has a structured system in place; we’ve all visited offices where there are masses of cables tumbling around the floor, computer and phone equipment is of differing ages, and staff find the environment disheartening and inefficient. Structured cabling systems can bring an end to this type of scenario, by offering a standardised and logical way to connect devices and effect an office network infrastructure. Every business will have its own requirements and there are installations to suit each organisation.

There are many advantages to installing structured cabling system for your company, large or small. Here are the top five benefits:

Simplicity is king

Businesses that have grown quickly often end up with lots of different kinds of devices and IT equipment. Running a single system is simpler and more straightforward than multiple deployments of wiring infrastructure. The other huge positive here is that if you have a problem, it’s much easier to identify and remediate the issue.

Future-proofing your business

Structured cabling offers very high bandwidth, which means it can support your business as it grows and won’t become outdated. As you attract new customers, your business can adapt with new services that come online quickly and easily. It also enables you to introduce bandwidth-hungry apps like video conferencing, without any interruption to your system.

Enhanced flexibility

A structured system lends a high degree of flexibility to any organisation. When your employees need to change desks, you have a new member of staff or you’re restructuring the business, the installation allows you to simply plug in at the new location and continue to work.


Not with structured cabling. Like all good machines, structured cabling systems are organised into sub-systems that oversee different functions, which allow your IT team to detect faulty systems quickly and simply without disrupting other devices. Your staff won’t have to wait around long for the problem to be identified and then fixed.

Money, money, money

Structured cabling is a cost-effective solution for most organisations. It’s a one-time investment that will save time and money as your business scales and grows. Your increased business productivity, ability to rollout business apps quickly and troubleshoot efficiently will drive success. Structured cabling systems can also reduce you power and maintenance costs. Structured cabling is of paramount importance to our modern lives – and yet the majority of those that utilise the internet on a daily basis don’t give it a second thought. And why should they?

Allvotec customers don’t need to as we cater to your every need with our 200-strong team of skilled field engineers, dedicated to making sure your business keeps performing.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve helped customers with their structured cabling needs:


Allvotec delivered a large-scale structured cabling solution at Boots’ Nottingham HQ. The project included installation of 94 category six outlets throughout the headquarters for its new wireless network and the relocation of technology to optimise performance.

Westminster Abbey

As part of an initiative to ensure the 750-year old building was equipped to meet the increasing demands associated with a top visitor attraction, Westminster Abbey decided to update its communications infrastructure, installing a new server and supporting cabling network. The infrastructure needed to not only meet the current communication needs of the Abbey, but also build flexibility for any future moves, changes and additions. Allvotec helped to lay a new cabling infrastructure throughout the Abbey and its associated buildings.

Major fashion retailer

The company, a high-street fashion retailer with more than 550 stores in the UK and Ireland with £3.5bn revenue, asked Allvotec to deploy, cable, configure and test a Meraki Wireless LAN to all of its 560 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. The installation included approximately 3,000 access points, associated Cisco switches, PoE injectors and structured cabling, as well as a software upgrade to the handheld stock terminals at each site.

Have any questions or want to understand how Allvotec can help your business optimise its performance with a structured cabling solution? Why not get in touch – complete our contact form.

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