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Why businesses need tech bars

As consumers today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping for goods and services. We have high expectations when dealing with suppliers, whether in person or online, and they therefore need to deliver an exceptional experience.

Indeed, almost a third of us will stop interacting with a brand we love after just one bad experience. On the flip side, we are increasingly loyal to the businesses that consistently provide exceptional value with minimum friction or stress.

The lines are blurring too between our work and personal lives. For example, we want the technology that empowers our lives at home to do the same in the workplace; 65 percent of millennial IT buyers believe the technology they purchase for personal use influences their technology purchase decisions within their organisation.

That’s why it is so important to replicate the people-centric experiences we have come to expect in the consumer world within the enterprise – and that user experience usually starts with IT. For example, how do you provide the same levels of service and support to business users on-site as they might expect online?

One option is the TechBar from Allvotec, which enables you to offer a high quality and personalised IT support service to your customers. Located on-site with the customer in a fully customised walk-in area, the service is staffed by professional technical staff, which take ownership of any IT problem until resolution.

The walk-up service model is an increasingly attractive one for companies. According to HDI’s 2018 technical support practices study, the share of firms offering tech bar support grew from 35 percent in 2017 to 44 percent in 2018, and is projected to reach 49 percent this year.

The reason for this? The tech bar approach to IT service delivery offers several compelling benefits.

For example, no company wants to incur the costs associated with technology downtime. Research shows that walk-in services have both the highest user satisfaction rating (88 percent) among common support channels and the least amount of lost work time – users spent half the time using the tech bar compared to phone support, and just a third of the lost time reported for email or portal support.

TechBar is designed to get end users up and running faster than traditional methods, while still providing them with the high levels of service they have come to expect in their personal lives.

Employees can also schedule a time to get their IT issues resolved for when it best suits them – even if it is before or after usual working hours – ideal for an increasingly flexible workforce.

As importantly, TechBar gives users an opportunity to put a face to IT, instead of dealing with an unknown person at the end of the phone or email. This is crucial since only 29 percent of organisations are embracing digital transformation as a collaborative effort between business and IT, according to new figures. However, once the IT support function is ‘humanised’, it can smooth the path for all interactions between IT and the rest of the organisation.

Elsewhere, one recent survey of IT decision makers showed that many are caught in a precarious balancing act where everyday tasks such as maintaining IT operations are outweighing more creative projects. Implementing a tech bar means in-house IT teams can spend less time ‘keeping the lights on’ and more time devoted to new digital business initiatives.

The modern workforce has high expectations of their employers when it comes to technology – 71 percent of millennials say the degree to which an organisation embraces technology and innovation is will influence where they work. Using walk-in services like TechBar can help keep employee satisfaction high.

TechBar: Customer Benefits

  • On-site access to a professional face-to-face support service
  • Improves the first-time fix rate
  • Can support business changes with direct help and advice
  • Increase employee satisfaction due to faster response
  • Increase productivity with fewer employees waiting for help
  • Training based on incident occurrence and trend analysis
  • A great user experience is driven by instant support
  • Confidence in the reliability of support provided

Atos customers like the BBC and the Department of Health already receive innovative TechBar IT support via trusted partner, Allvotec. If you too would like to enable your customers to offer an in-house service that reduces employee downtime, increases user satisfaction and builds stronger relationships with IT, contact Allvotec.

Together we can.