Why do companies choose Hosted Voice Migration Services by Allvotec?

Communication works for those who work at it.

Communication has always been at the heart of the business and social processes. Methods of communication are becoming simpler to make our daily lives easier. Innovation is inevitable because of the need to transfer huge amounts of information and work productively. Long ago businesses started utilising Unified Communications to enhance business communication and to extend the way that devices and types of data can be exchanged.

UC incorporates various components such as software, hardware and services. All those components evolved in time. The innovation led to a change of voice solutions. Companies started to migrate to the cloud-based UC. The need of the new voice technology is being driven by innovation, caused primarily by ISDN going EOL in 2025 and COVID-19 accelerating the need to support a more widespread remote workforce effectively.

Some of the goals of UC are to enhance users’ communication experience, improve collaboration, increase productivity, reduce communication-related costs like travel to meetings, reduce hardware costs, and support remote workers.

In this regard, Allvotec Hosted Voice Migration Services has been created. This curated set is optimised to support, manage and drive the implementation of the business transformation. Why do companies choose Hosted Voice by Allvotec? All partner and end-customer benefits are represented by our product manager, Stamatis Skouplios.

Why do companies prefer using legacy UC systems?

“If it works, don’t touch it” seems like the philosophy of many users who simply see their basic voice needs being covered by an existing solution. Hidden in this philosophy we can find the customer pain points that stop them from migrating to a new cloud-based UC system. The complexity of the operational change, plus the potential security and compliance risks are among the main reasons why customers do not want to migrate.  But migrating to a new cloud solution need not be complex or risky.  If you choose the right partner to help you deliver the service, it can be a seamless process that can provide benefits to the company almost immediately.

How does innovation pressure companies to migrate to the new UC solutions?

Technological innovation along with the anywhere working trends are dictating the way towards modern UC solutions. It means – Unified Communications from everyone to anyone, mobile connectivity with full production features, homeworking and new communication channels. Cloud-based UC is part of the new normal way of working. Additionally, with the modernisation of communication protocols (ISDN Switch Off, SIP and Cloud), the imperative governmental requirements to move to a modern UC solution will be the necessary business transformation. Legacy on-premise systems have their place but are limited in functionality and flexibility.  Many of the new cloud-hosted solutions offer a wide range of enhancements that are simply not available on legacy systems.  But the major benefit is from the flexibility of increasing/decreasing the number of uses simply and easily.

What is Hosted Voice Migration Services by Allvotec? Why do companies choose it?

Allvotec’s Hosted Voice Migration Service is designed to help customers migrate from their legacy on-premise system to a new cloud-hosted solution provided by some of the biggest and most innovative vendors in the market, covering almost every segment, business need and future development. Hosted Voice combines Allvotec’s unrivalled experience in voice support services, our managed service and deployment skills, along the best new technology solutions from key vendors. Combined, this is the most complete and comprehensive voice solution for any business needing to move to future requirements today.
Allvotec Hosted Voice Migration Services is the trusted partner who leads the companies above and beyond through the change. We created a new world of extended capabilities, communication channels and productivity where the user enjoys market-defined support, services and reliability.

How do partners recognise value with Hosted Voice?

We are partner-only ICT service providers with a proven record of successful projects. Our partners choose us because of our capabilities and skilled experts. Hosted Voice Migration Services follows the principle to be partner exclusive solution that helps our partner companies to improve their end-customers satisfaction levels, focus on their core business and add value to every process. The seamless migration requires capability and professionally prepared engineers. We are the trusted partner who will help drive business through one of the most important digital transformations in the next two years. Our added value is your competitive advantage.

How do the end customers recognise value with Hosted Voice?

End-customers experience some very important benefits after implementing a cloud-based UC solution including greater flexibility provides better management of remote workforces, an increase in efficiency of in-house resources, allowing a greater focus on core business activities, saves cost through more accurate licensing, and reduced business development risks and increase communication security provided by the new platform. Allvotec Hosted Voice Migration Services has a mission to make the migration possible without any disruption. Simply, dare to change! We will be there to help drive your transformation.