Why do companies need to migrate to the new cloud-based UC solution?

Over the past year, many businesses have been forced to rapidly transition to new technologies or new ways of working to continue to operate as normal as possible. For some companies, this was performed successfully, but for others, it impacted their operations, which affected their customers, workforce, and ultimately their business. Whether going through changes positively or negatively, technology companies in the UK have always strived to offer the best services to their customers regardless of any extreme conditions or industry risks. With more changes expected over the coming year, one of the most important ones of the moment is migrating existing voice technologies to new cloud-based UC solutions.

Why do companies need to migrate? Nigel Spicer, Head of Marketing & Product Development at Allvotec, answers this significant question and analyses in detail what is happening in the UC market.

What are the unified communications of the new age?
Voice cloud solutions offer the ability to have the telephone system and PBX functionality located in the cloud and managed by a vendor remotely. They provide a range of communication methods, greater flexibility, and potential commercial savings on legacy hardware.

Why are they important? How will they change the work process?
COVID-19 has forced companies to have the staff working remotely and this has put pressure on existing on-premise telephony systems. As companies look to adopt a more fluid way of working, Voice cloud solutions provide new levels of flexibility and functionality that are not available with many legacy systems.

What would happen if a company wants to migrate to a cloud-based voice solution?
Implementing a new voice solution can be a complex a time-consuming task. Customers need to have a detailed understanding of their existing technology configurations and plans for how they want their business to develop in future years.

Is the migration process easy to structure and does it affect the work process?
Migrating to a new Voice platform is a huge decision for any company, and should never be taken lightly. The key part of any migration is the initial assessment and planning. This information is crucial to build a solution that can be implemented effectively. If the planning is done correctly, the impact on the workforce should be minimal.

Can companies make informed decisions when they start looking for the best-fit UC solution?
There are a number of vendors and cloud offerings available in the market today, and the number is growing. Companies will need to assess each solution to identify which offers them the best fit for their future business requirements.

What do companies need to consider when choosing a provider of new unified communications services?
Migrating to a Hosted Voice solution can be complex and time-consuming. Any company considering moving to a cloud solution should look at the experience of the company they are intending to work with and decide if they are the right company to trust with their voice migration.

How can we at Allvotec help our partners in choosing the right UC solution?
Working closely with our partners and their end customers, we will assess the current voice configuration and develop a documented process and solution that takes this into consideration. Our partners can add their chosen platform to the solution to create a seamless migration service from legacy PBX to Hosted Voice.