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Networks are the glue that hold people, processes and platforms together. Whether it’s checking email on laptop or tablet, or running on-demand reports, it is vital that network infrastructure is secure and reliable across all devices.


There are a variety of technologies that provide connectivity to the internet and most businesses have a variety of options available to them. Fibre connectivity is available at over 90% of premises and is always recommended for both its faster speeds and reliability – giving you a better, more reliable experience.

We provide a variety of connectivity options. Ranging from simple business broadband to dedicated internet access solutions and managed MPLS services, we give you a tailored, business-grade, ‘always on’ connection – with performance and price levels to suit your business, and the scale and capacity to grow as you do.

• Business Broadband Solutions

• Dedicated Internet Access and Ethernet

• Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

• Wide Area Network (WAN)




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Networks are the very foundation of businesses. Allvotec plans, designs, implements and operates intelligent network technologies that empower mobile users, maintain 100% network uptime, and ensure your customers stay in full control – all delivered in partnership with global IT services businesses.

Networks need to be robust and secure. We work in partnership to create resilient platforms and services that ensure 100% network uptime, with a strong network, disaster recovery protection, and hybrid architecture from the access layer to the data centre. By delivering a software defined infrastructure, where hardware and software are less integrated, your customer’s environment will become more open and programmable – enabling them to adapt it to business needs in a much more dynamic way.

Staying in control of information in an increasingly connected world has become essential. It is crucial that your customers know exactly how their corporate assets are being accessed and utilised, and if they are meeting all their legal obligations, both at an industry and country level. Allvotec works in partnership to limit risk, covering physical and remote access vulnerabilities by monitoring network and services to identify how information is being used.


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