High-quality voice communication

High-quality voice communication is essential to running a successful business, enabling people to communicate from work, home or on-the-go, from any device.


High-quality voice communication is critical to the success of any modern business. Whether online and offline conferencing communication, involving one-to-one or group calls – all of these voice communication methods can be executed through an integrated UC technology platform.

Allvotec’s UC portfolio enables new opportunities for businesses to collaborate quickly and more efficiently, transforming the way people interact. Mobile workforces need to be equipped with the same tools as office-based employees. Our Voice solutions enable seamlessly integration of mobile and fixed line telephony, keeping teams connected regardless of device or location.

UC has evolved beyond legacy telephony systems, with additional services bolted on. Our Voice services sit at the heart of our holistic UC solution, enabling fast, secure communication, with integrated applications that bring together voice, messaging, conferencing, mobility and video technologies.

We support old and new technology, ensuring maximum return on previous investment in UC strategies, modernising systems as well as existing BYOD devices across the infrastructure. Whether online or offline, for conversations between two people or for conferences involving many – all Allvotec’s voice solutions are conducted via an integrated UC technology platform.



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Communicate quickly and securely, transforming the way people interact, whether office-based or remote, regardless of device.

Integrated applications

Bring together voice, messaging, conferencing, mobility and video technologies.

Return on investment

Ensure maximum return on legacy investments in UC strategy.


Upgrade to the latest technology, enabling more functionality and features to drive efficiencies.


Create faster decision making and enhanced business processes through voice and employee visibility.


Reduce the need for business travel and other related costs for meeting, training, or team briefings.


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